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Waiting Lands: Temporary Design Operations - CCA SF Campus 2012-2017 Influenced by the strategies of the Situationists, new forms of temporary urbanism provide a space for tactics devising temporal, ecological and interim uses. Cities, stakeholders, as well as designers and artists are currently inventing temporary tactics understood as urban acupuncture. Temporary installations [hardware] and urban furniture support the occupation of waiting lands-sites that may be developed in the future that are currently open for interim occupation. These sites can be activated by programs [software], local participatory networks, and branding strategies that can communicate their activities and urban narratives. These spatial layers produce a form of public sites that support the quality of cities. Analyzing precedents from cities such as Berlin, Zurich, Rotterdam, and Vienna, and working on the former Greyhound lot behind CCA that will form our site-now a part of CCA and the extension of our nave, this studio will design temporary strategies for its future use. The transformation strategy will develop a scenario of interim uses over the next 5 years that takes advantage of the existing site's potential for the CCA community. The studio will collaborate with students in CCA DMBA program who will be analyzing the economic potentials and pressures in relation to the site. Students will present the results of the studio at the end of the semester to the larger CCA community.