BT: 1:1 Project

1:1 Project: Mobile Social Infrastructures Both Off The Grid's food truck-based weekly and destination markets have been a great success across the Bay Area. Over time, the markets have grown in frequency, location, and size. The focus of this seminar is to design and build a full-scale artifact that both capitalizes on and enhances the market's flexible and mobile infrastructure. The course builds on the research from the "From Activism to Active Urbanism" Fall 2014 seminar that examined the nature of these markets - both as pop-up pods serving a quick lunch and as destination events in spectacular environments. Every Off the Grid market requires temporary elements that support it as a social event, creating places for, and catalyzing interactions between people. These architectural artifacts also facilitate the smooth functioning of each market, allowing for an organized flow of people, bikes and goods. 1:1 Project: Mobile Social Infrastructures will be a design-build course. Students will be required to work collaboratively and develop the project all the way from its conceptual design to its final installation, to handle construction materials directly, and to work in scale 1 to 1.