HT: Glance - Scan - Read

Spatial experiences are mediated by the body, but first negotiated by the eye - with the image being the primary visual cue in how we render the experience. This course explores the role that images, media, and technologies play on surfaces, materialities, and environments, uncovering and criticality examining the reciprocity between 'visuality' and 'spatiality'. We will examine the interdisciplinary fields of art, architecture, design, and film to map out the cultural histories of spatio-visual arts, questioning and (re)defining what visual cues can articulate and for whom in today's image-laden world. We will traverse the visual themes of Global/Digital Space, Materiality and Affects, The Gaze and the Body, Spectacle and Display, Cinematic Landscapes, among others, closely analyzing the latent politics of moving from 2D to 3D, thereby deepening our understanding of how representation and built form are mutually constructed. Through in-depth readings, case studies, spatio-mapping exercises, and design research projects, students will move beyond being spectators in the field of vision to comprehensively analyzing and critiquing spatio-visual modalities to speculating on new aesthetic cultures and representational techniques.