DM:Subtractive Material Logic

The physical reality of architecture is in a state of crisis. While the past several decades have seen a veritable explosion of computationally informed techniques that have advanced the means with which architects conceptualize, model and visualize, these potentials are rarely employed to challenge the ways in which we approach fabrication and construction. Instead, simplistic ideas of assembly and connection are used in conjunction with flat, regularized components dictated by the demands of industry and its associated standardizations. This seminar seeks to tease out of digital design and manufacturing techniques a more robust understanding of issues of mass, volume and poche, as well as methods of discretization, stereotomy and assembly, through the intensive investigation of subtractive methods of designing, fabricating, and representing. Emphasis will be placed on the inventive capacity of these techniques, the logics of numerically controlled fabrication devices, as well as the formal potential that emerges from the resultant of the two.