Engage: Comm Web Design

This community-based ENGAGE course will cover the fundamental principals and techniques of web design from mockup production to coding. The course focuses on the potential of the medium as a positive tool towards community activism. This course is a hands-on introduction to web design. Topics covered include initial phases in web design such as Photoshop mockups and information architecture as well as covering basic scripting languages and softwares such as HTML5, CSS, Dreamweaver and Wordpress. To produce work, students will work in all facets of HTML5, the markup language at the core of the World Wide Web. Students will code pages by hand, validate them, and create cascading style sheets. As projects gain in complexity, work will be completed in Dreamweaver, a more sophisticated approach to creating pages and managing entire sites. Students will be introduced to content management systems such as Wordpress to further enable potential web clients. This course will be in partnership with a local non-profit TBD.