Public Impact: Future Memory

Future Memory will focus on the ways in which designers and artists can help the "entrenched in the past" buildings and monuments and memorials become enlivened for the living - berelevant, meaningful and critically useful in the present. In this course we will be experimenting with new ways in which art and design reinforce political, ethical and existential function of urban symbolic structures such as cemeteries, statues andmonuments. Investigating methods familiar to art, design and technology we will be envisioning and building contemporary monuments, memorials that can successfully engage with present-day issues by using contemporary media, such as digital video, social and web media. Students will learn how to conceptualize and develop instruments from mobile media for hand held devices to architectural and sculptural interfaces and media projects that can engage, effect, transform symbolic structures, such as monuments and structures without physically touching or altering physical space. The design process will be complimented by extensive research, and interviews withdescendants and experts to collect histories and memories, and how they can inform our contemporary interpretation.