Wkshp: Eco: Soil to Studio

Community Arts workshops are designed to introduce students to special topics in community and socially engaged practice. Students from all majors in the fine arts, design, and architecture with no previous experience in Community Arts are invited to take these courses.

This course explores the exploding field of Slow Textiles and Slow Fashion, plant-based color, and the intersection of social practice and land-based arts. Through an in-depth study of regenerative design, investigative fieldwork, and studio work, students follow a trajectory from "Soil to Studio." Studentslearn about direct sources of organic and non-toxic materials through hands-on experience in fiber and dye gardening,innovative sourcing of materials from weeds and waste, and dormant recipes for bio-diverse hues from a vast array of botanical sources. Students cross-pollinate with the burgeoning field of Slow Textiles movement by visiting urban gardens and other Bay Area resources. Students learn to identify and gather plants in the urban Bay Area landscape, experiment with local seasonal color and fiber, study hands-on plant-dyeing techniques, and gain valuable insight into the politics, aesthetics, and social implications of Slow Textiles and Slow Fashion.