Community Arts

Our program lets you take your creative studio work out into the world to make a difference.

Make Art as a Collaborative Experience

Your creative skills can transform lives. In our Community Arts Program, you’ll learn exactly how to make change happen. Whether you’re designing an edible schoolyard, creating a graphic identity campaign for an organization, or staging a public-art intervention, you’ll collaborate with artists, organizations, and citizens to make art that matters.

Combine Studio Skills with Social Engagement

Imagine honing your craft in the studio, debating activism strategies in the classroom, and then heading into the community to generate creative solutions that address real-world needs.

Our curriculum combines the art and design concentrations of your choice with critical theory in such areas as diversity, community engagement, and social justice. You’ll apply yourself with hands-on, collaborative projects throughout the Bay Area.

Kickstart Your Creative Career

To further build your creative practice in the public sphere, you’ll have paid externships (experiential learning opportunities, similar to internships) with local nonprofits, arts organizations, and other CCA community partners.

The combination of real-world experience with new making skills and effective critical thinking means you’re ready for a community arts career -- and a purpose-driven life.