A minor in Social Action and Public Forms is an interdisciplinary and thematic curriculum that complements your major discipline. It develops values, methodologies, and skills for working with people in local communities and public spaces.

The 15-unit curriculum supports you in pursuing socially engaged projects that combine art and design practices with collaborative and political actions, ranging in scale from temporary interventions to in-depth community projects.  

Completing the minor does not increase the total number of units required to graduate.

Pursuing the minor should not affect the number of courses taken either within your major or in the Humanities and Sciences or Diversity Studies areas.

However, because the coursework in the minor may replace other requirements, it is important to meet with an advisor as early as possible to plan the course of study.

Declare Your Minor

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Social Action and Public Forms Minor Requirements


[3 units]  Visual Studies 200: COMAR-360 Media History: Social Works

[3 units]  Diversity Studio: Any ENGAGE section of DIVST-300 Diversity Studio

[3 units]  Studio Elective: COMAR-100 Intro to Community Arts

[3 units]  Studio Elective: COMAR-240 or COMAR-340 Community Practice Studio

[3 units]  Studio or H/S elective: Any ENGAGE course*


* Search course type "ENGAGE" in WebAdvisor.

Distribution of Units

In order to satisfy the Social Action and Public Forms Minor requirements, you use the following:

  • Existing 3 units of Visual Studies 200 seminar satisfied by cross-listed: COMAR-360 Media History: Social Works
  • Existing 3 units of Diversity Studies studio requirement satisfied by any ENGAGE section of DIVST-300 Diversity Studio course
  • Existing 6 units of studio elective (satisfied by Intro to COMARTS (COMAR 100)) and Community Arts Practice Studio (COMAR 240/340)
  • Existing 3 units open elective satisfied by an ENGAGE workshop/course


To discuss the minor option further, contact: