Sound and Image Resonance

This is a Graduate Design elective.

Sound and Image Resonance is a skills-rich class that teaches both novices and experienced students how they can utilize sound in their own work, and how sound synthesizes with images to create new interactive experiences. Students in this course create work to discover how their own vision and aesthetic can be transcribed into systems of sound and image- installations, audiovisual work, sound art, and musical forms. During the semester, we'll look at many questions, emphasizing, How do we use sounds and images to design a resonant experience? In this instance, "resonance" means creating an experience where the student's intent matches the audience's understanding of the work - without didactic explanation. Some of the questions we will investigate include: How do sounds and images overlap in one's mind? What are we creating and why are we creating it? What tools can we use and how do we best deploy them? - Arduino, Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, Max. And how do we plan and efficiently complete our projects? Each student will work on up to three personal projects, with a final show at a local gallery or museum. Students from all disciplines and with all ranges of experience are welcome in this class.