Fundamentals of Type

This is a Graduate Design elective.

Fundamentals of Type explores the rich traditions that serve as bedrock for all graphic design. The class is driven by student work, assigned readings, brisk critiques, and informed discussion, and thus is equally attuned to those both new to and experienced with type work. During the first half of the term, via a series of typographically driven exercises, students engage in a (re)examination of fundamental, modernist typographic principles, including universality, transparency, rationality and efficiency. Each exercise progressively builds on the previous, allowing student work to emerge through a series of related, evolving investigations. Later in the semester, work becomes more theoretically informed ? and critical of high-modernist "rules" explored in the first half to the class. Students will ask a series of questions concerning the epistemological status of the typographic mark - to position their own typographic work in a space of contradictions and complexities. In addition to weekly made work, the class will include mandatory readings. Students are also required to participate in the weekly crit format demonstrating their understanding of the project. All levels of experience with type are welcome in this course; those with no background ramp up via our initial steps; more experienced students build on past work and understandings as we move together into the theoretical stages.