3D Modeling

This is a Graduate Design elective.

This course will serve as an introduction to 3D digital modeling, imaging, and 3D printing through the use of the Rhinoceros software platform. Rhino is an industry standard 3D modeler that facilitates visualization, animation, drawing, analysis, digital prototyping and fabrication. Additionally, the class will be introduced to related software (RhinoScript, KeyShot and Grasshopper) that extend Rhino's generative capabilities. Students will become comfortable working in a digital 3D environment using Rhino as a design tool, ultimately mastering techniques that can drive their creative output in new directions. Familiarity with the 3D work environment and tools will be established in the beginning of the semester, through specific weekly assignments and class demos. As the semester progresses, individual projects will be initiated, resulting in various outcomes, from digital to 3D printed objects. All students are welcome; no prior experience in 3D software is required.