4D:Storyboarding toTransmedia

This is a Graduate Design elective.

4D fiction is intended for students who want to experiment and develop new 4D repertoires for visualizing their project ideas and concepts. The course will introduce students to the possibilities and creative potential of working in 4D methodologies of narrative, time, and space. Based on hands-on practice and theory, students will begin with short skills assignments in animation techniques, compositing, and narrative structure (After Effects and Premiere). In tandem, the course will also take a critical look at trends in new media, transmedia storytelling, and how technological innovations may be harnessed to provide new ways of both producing and theorizing narrative. Students will be expected to complete skills-based assignments and a final narrative-based 4D project synthesizing techniques and software applications covered in class. Tools we will use: After Effects, Premiere Proficiency requirements: Photoshop and Illustrator.