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This studio will explore our complicated relationship with nature in two investigations. The first surveys the evolving relationship between nature and humans through text and image. Whether it is an attempt to simulate, classify or simply describe, the language we use necessarily changes our experience of the natural. How does text and image construct a narrative? And how does our very human need for narrative impact our understanding of - and navigation through - the natural world? If, in our increasingly hermetic and urbanized life, our only encounters with wild nature are separated by bars, screens, text and photographs, how can design better mediate the connection? The second investigation is the intrusion of the natural back into the realm of design. How does the natural asserts itself into our design efforts once they are deployed in the world? How might we plan for and take advantage of the dents, dings, mold, failure, patina, and degradation to strengthen the performance of our productions and instigate emotionally resonant interactions? Similarly, how might our work intersect and respond to natural forces of growth, birth, and habitat?