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This studio will focus on how the things in our lives can sense and communicate to adapt and identify opportunities. We will initially focus on the home, but this won't necessarily be the sole site of our investigations and interventions. We will be looking a few years down the road, and doing "what if" design about how the myriad technologies of our lives might behave differently if they are aware of themselves, where they are, which other devices are nearby, their capabilities and liabilities, as well as communicating that information amongst themselves. Our technologies might act on our behalf, make decisions with various amounts of interaction with their owners, and present us with opportunities and discoveries. Who knows, they might even play games (like Jeopardy) with us! We'll do our best at fleshing out our designs with today's technology, using sheer determination, sleight-of-hand, and cutting-edge treachery. This studio is likely to be sponsored by an industry partner.