Adv TS: 2D + 3D

These "mash-up" studios are unique to the Graduate Program in Design and offer students the chance to explore two design disciplines as they relate to one another.

Design in a peak water world: As obvious as it may seem, water is the one thing we can't live without for long. As we face a future affected by climate change, we can expect water to move to the forefront of our concerns: not enough of it where we need it; too much of it in the wrong places; water affected by salination; water dominated by wealthy interests, and denied to those less fortunate. These changes are already well in play, and we can either hide from them, or use our skills as makers and communicators to address this most important of missions. This is a cross discipline class that guides both novices and experienced students to explore design in context with imminent water constraints. Students will work to positive and productive outcomes as they conduct research and form responses to their discoveries, creating work which explores how their own vision and aesthetic may shift with water considerations as a core directive. This class will include: Direct interactions with water experts, scientists, private sector professionals, NGO's, sustainability index developers and farmers. A full-day cotton farm tour in California's San Joaquin Valley. Field trips to companies such as Gap Inc. and/or Levi Strauss and Co. During the semester, we'll look at a series of questions: What climate change predicts for our water supplies. What is happening now, and what will occur soon? What is our relationship to water? What are the social mores around water? How are businesses, farmers, municipalities adjusting to a water-constrained world? How might designers influence attitudes, behavior and water use? What are the new roles for design in a water-constrained world? How do we plan and efficiently complete our projects? What form might the projects take to best communicate and enable shifts - in behavior, and in design practice? Students from all disciplines and with all ranges of experience are welcome in this class. Each student will work on up to three personal or group projects, building upon each other. The class emphasis is on tackling ideas that can be completed and set loose to make a difference within the course of a semester.