Adv TS: 2D + IX

These "mash-up" studios are unique to the Graduate Program in Design and offer students the chance to explore two design disciplines as they relate to one another.

Comings and Goings: Technologies taking notice of who, what, when and where. Humans are social beings-we tell stories, share things about ourselves, and monitor what othe take little notice of having been slept in, our bathroom mirrors don't communicate anything to us, our toasters don't contemplate coordinating their completion time with the teakettles, and the dishwashers don't even negotiate with the water heater about a good time to consume half of the tank's hot water. We will be looking a few years down the road, considering all possible brand, 2D and UX touchpoints and doing "what if" design about how the myriad technologies in our lives might behave differently if they could sense, adapt, identify opportunities and communicate. We'll do our best at fleshing out our designs with today's technology, using sheer determination, sleight-of-hand, and cutting-edge treachery.