2D Topic Studio: Media Matter

Media Matters: An Inquiry on the Image, Design, and the Common(s) Information, at many levels, has become a new code word for what is largely an overload of fast-paced media images and sound bites, infotainment, and infomercials. Countries, ideologies, religions, artists, preachers, youth, celebrities, CEOs and politicians alike are branded and sold to audiences as if consumer products. Our analytical goal is to sift through this clutter of logos, slogans, and hidden persuasion. Through a history, epistemology, and political economy of the image, we will attempt to unravel the layered frames that result from the mediamakers' access to, and furthering of, power and discourse. An "aesthetic(s) of the common(s)" is explored as one possible, more democratic, practice. In the associated studio course, we'll explore the ideas presented in the seminar context through making. For example, analysis and insights are put to use in the design and making of antidotes, parodies, and other alternative constructions. Likewise, you will be called upon to use methods of communication and persuasion in form making for socially positive ends.