IxD Topic Studio

Public Interactives: Enlivening Spaces, Invigorating Events Worldwide, many cities are making use of physical interactive installations and cell phone or web-based projects as ways of defining, enhancing, and stimulating spaces and places.Neighborhoods become galleries, open 24 hours, using buildings and shop windows as canvases with the artists and interaction designers as collaborators (along with technologists, architects, and myriad others). Museums, retail, dining and entertainment are also sites using public-facing interfaces as sites of interaction. The studio will begin with a survey and critique of interactive public installations and the variousways they're situated in everyday life. Then, students will work independently and together to define, research, and present a series of public interactives. Projects of this sort often include a wide variety of skills - 2D/3D Illustration, Photography, Arduino, Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter, Java, Maya, HTML, Final Cut, etc. - but that's half the fun (and you're certainly not expected to know all of those things coming in)! All aspects of public interactive projects will be touched upon, including content research, site scouting, project design, prototyping and modeling, budgeting, administrative permits,exhibition design, project execution, and public outreach. The course will involve completion of interactive public projects that will be exhibited during the semester and perhaps beyond.