Business of Design

Business of Design introduces students to the basic theories and key practices of creating, running or contributing to the success of a business. The course explains how any business can be approached as an opportunity for creative, collaborative entrepreneurship. Specific skills you will learn include how to define an opportunity, conceptualize a product or company, evaluate risk, create a business model, develop a brand strategy and marketing plan, create a basic operating budget and pitch your idea to investors. In addition, we cover current topics in design leadership, ethics and the operation of non-profits. Our overarching goal is to provide you with a solid understanding of business principles and operating dynamics so you can are better able to contribute to, influence or even found a company.

This course is taught through a "hand's on" approach that challenges you to create and build a viable startup as part of a team. All students work in teams. Each week we spend the first hour of class presenting important principles of business. The remainder of time is spent in the studio working on your startup. Students who successfully complete this course will be more capable advocates for design because they will understand how business works and where they can have the most impact within a company, an organization or a community.