Thesis: Writing

As part of the comprehensive thesis term, this course will help students delineate the range and objectives of their thesis writing, utilizing research, language, and graphical representation to frame and explain their thesis process and artifacts.

Design writing has evolved from traditional essays and critical reviews to include a range of platforms - blogs, Twitter, among others. In this course, we will investigate how to use a blog andTwitter to bring ideas about thesis work to polished completion. Students will create weekly blog entries of 250 - 500 words,including scrap from their explorations - such as images of sketch books, drawings, modeling - and weekly Twitter entries of 140 characters. We'll discuss archival and other research methods, as well as writing forms such as reportage, the interview, the disjunctive essay, the lyric, among others. The goal is to help each thesis student find a particular voice for narrating both her process and her critical insights around a final thesis project. Required readings: You Know Nothing of My Work, (Douglas Coupland); (Jonathan Harris); andothers as assigned. This class will meet weekly as a group, in addition to desk crits.