Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

"This Is EcoTap" is part of a CCA curricular initiative to emphasize environmental and sustainability issues.

The following are some of the learning outcomes used to assess whether a course meets CCA's EcoTAP criteria.

These outcomes span from broad overviews of ecological concepts to more specific outcomes:

EcoTAP courses involve the making of projects that investigate or explore . . .

  • the impact of human environments on natural systems

  • literature, theories, or philosophies (or all) on or of nature, the environment, and ecology

  • the imagery of nature or human (or both) interactions with nature in art, design, and architecture

  • supporting (or attempting to support) the quantity and quality of local and global natural resources

  • the sustainable management of local and regional energy, water, and waste systems

  • concepts of environmental justice, political ecology, or urban political ecology (or all)

  • how to positively affect the physical health of those involved in making and using works of architecture and design

  • models for socio-environmental change through design, architecture, craft, the arts, and writing

  • an emergent aesthetic that evolves from embracing any of the above as a core principle

  • influencing end-user behavior to benefit or restore ecology through design

  • the role of power and privilege in design and the environment

  • new roles for designers in a time of ecological crisis