Interdisciplinary Studies

Alongside our major coursework, CCA offers special curricular initiatives that enrich the student’s educational experience and prepares them for lifelong creative work.

Critical Studies

Critical Studies is part of the college’s humanities and science curriculum that is tailored to the interest of the creative thinker and helps develop critical thinking skills that are essential in today’s complex world.

Diversity Studies

Diversity Studies seminars and studio courses educate students about the contributions of historically underrepresented, indigenous, immigrant, and forced migratory communities to American arts, history, culture, and society.


Ecological Theory & Practice (EcoTAP) is a network of courses, faculty, and events at CCA that focuses on the study of environmentalism, ecology, and sustainability within an art and design context.


ENGAGE at CCA courses are integrated into academic programs and offer students the opportunity to gain real world experience with a focus on community engagement.

Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studios

Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studios (UDIST) offer opportunities for students and instructors to generate interdisciplinary theories, practices, and works within a studio-based format.