Extending the Studio

ENGAGE at CCA, coordinated by the Center for Art and Public Life, places students at the center of project-based learning with a focus on community engagement.

Activated across academic programs, ENGAGE at CCA serves as a hub to connect interested faculty and students to community partners and relevant outside experts.

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Real-World Project-Based Courses

ENGAGE at CCA is an innovative initiative combining the Community Arts Program's successful model of community engagement with the project-based learning approach of the architecture and design disciplines. Courses have included community partners such as the following:

Ano Nuevo Island Restoration Project
Bethany Center Senior Housing
LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Zen Hospice Project

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Housed at the Center for Art and Public Life, ENGAGE at CCA dynamically advances CCA’s mission to prepare its students for lifelong creative work and service to their communities through a curriculum in fine art, architecture, design, and creative writing.

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