Course Locations

Courses with “SF” in the call number meet at CCA’s San Francisco campus. Courses with “OAK” in the call number meet at CCA’s Oakland campus. (See How to Get Here for directions to each campus and for campus room and building maps.)

Your registration confirmation notes specific classroom locations. If a classroom is not noted, signs directing you to your classroom will be posted on the first day of class.


Please check the description of the course you are registered for to see if you need to bring any supplies to the first session.

If the course description does not state that you need to bring any supplies, you need only show up for class. If any supplies are required thereafter, your course instructor will discuss that in class.

Most studio courses require purchasing supplies.

Art Supply Stores

Blick Art Materials is located across the street from the Oakland campus at 5301 Broadway, Oakland, 510.658.2787.

Arch is now located on the San Francisco campus within the Campus Center Student Lounge.

Each store offers a discount to CCA Extension students. Be sure to have your CCA registration confirmation letter with you.


Nonmetered street parking is available at either campus.


For wheelchair accessibility information, call 510.594.3710.

Campus Cafés

For a bite to eat on either campus, stop by A2 Café. For hours call 415.863.8169 (San Francisco) or 510.594.3627 (Oakland).