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Animation, Design, Illustration

  • Intro to Communication Design
  • Ideation Sketching & Visual Notation
  • Intro to Visual Development for Animation
  • Intro to Illustration
  • Intro to Interior Design
  • Illuminating Interiors: Lighting Design and Technology Intensive Workshop
  • Digital Drawing and Painting: Wacom Tablet Intensive
  • Machine Knitting

Digital Tools

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Intensive
  • InDesign I
  • InDesign II
  • Illustrator I
  • Illustrator II
  • Adobe Illustrator for Laser Cutting
  • Photoshop I
  • Creative Projects Workshop
  • Digital Drawing and Painting: Wacom Tablet Intensive

Fine Arts

  • Basic Drawing and Beyond
  • Intro to Painting
  • Intermediate/Advanced Painting
  • The Series
  • Intro to Jewelry Design
  • Wheel Throwing:  Above and Beyond the Mug


Making Architecture

Four-week summer program
July 5-29, Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Tuition: $3,400 + $50 summer registration fee

Making Architecture is a four-week, 3-credit, full-time summer program for high school graduates, college students, college graduates, inspired professionals, and career changers considering graduate education or a career in architecture.

Led by CCA Architecture faculty, students participate in an intensive design studio that introduces techniques and skills in drawing, model-making, and critical thinking that are central to architectural design.

Students enrolled in Making Architecture benefit from CCA Architecture’s signature expertise in technological innovation, digital craft, and creative experimentation with exposure to cutting-edge technologies of 3D modeling, digital fabrication, and robotic drawing.

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Architecture Formations Summer Workshops

The Formations Summer workshops are offered for college and graduate students, professionals, and members of the broader architectural community.

Led by CCA Architecture faculty, these workshops expose students to innovative methods and techniques of digital modeling, physical modelmaking, computational design, and digital fabrication.

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Student Tuition for one-week workshop: $395 (Students must bring their student ID to class on the first day)
Professional Tuition for one-week workshop: $595

Please choose the appropriate course section according to your status as a current student (e.g., Intro Digital Modeling/Student) or working professional (e.g., Intro Digital Modeling/ProfDev).

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Illuminating Interiors: Lighting Design and Technology Intensive Workshop

  • SF Campus
  • EXINT-1400-01
  • Instructor: Faith Jewell
  • Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., August 12, 13, 19, 20
  • 4 sessions. $1,400. Noncredit
  • Prerequisite: This course is geared towards design professionals who have experience in lighting design, engineering, architecture, or a related field.

This summer Lighting Design and Technology intensive workshop enriches the practice of professionals in Interior Design, Architecture, and related fields with a deeper understanding of lighting. The introduction to this specialized area of expertise supports an enhanced understanding of sustainable design, health and wellness design, and exhibition design.

The workshop helps practitioners apply criteria of design, technology, energy efficiency, and human wellness to all components of lighting design. Topics include: light and human perception, light sources/LEDS, photometrics, techniques for layering light, light fixtures, lighting and human health, and California’s ground-breaking Title 24 energy code. 

Course materials: Initial course materials will be provided, but students may need to purchase additional materials as needed.

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