High School Student Studio Courses

Summer Atelier

CCA’s Summer Atelier offers students who just completed their freshman year of high school by June 2015 the opportunity to immerse themselves in art making. Students hone their skills, learn new concepts and techniques, and meet other students from around the Bay Area who share their interest in art.

Summer Atelier is a noncredit, nonresidential program. Enrollment in each section is limited to 16 students. Participants do not receive a grade; however, a letter will be sent in August that acknowledges their program participation. Housing is not available. 

Please visit the Summer Atelier page for more information.



CCA's Pre-College Program is an exciting opportunity for high school students to study art, architecture, design, or creative writing in an art-school setting.

Our program provides a perfect platform to expand your knowledge, grow as an individual, develop strong portfolio pieces, and get a taste of college life.

As a Pre-College student you will find inspiration in this unique environment. Approximately 250 students attend each summer, many of them from around the country or abroad; 160 of these students reside in CCA housing.

Please visit the Pre-College page for more information.