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Jessica Abel

Senior Lecturer, Comics

Susan Abplanalp

Senior Lecturer, Fashion Design

Katherine Ackerly

Lecturer, Architecture

Juvenal Acosta

Dean, Writing / H & S
Associate Professor, Writing and Literature
Associate Professor, Writing

Faith Adiele

Associate Professor, Writing
Associate Professor, Writing and Literature
Interim Chair, Writing and Literature

Erik Adigard

Adjunct Professor, Graphic Design

Opal Adisa

Distinguished Professor, Writing
Distinguished Professor, Writing and Literature

Shalini Agrawal

Adjunct Professor, First Year
Adjunct Professor, Community Arts

Stephen Ajay

Professor Emeritus, Writing and Literature
Professor Emeritus, Writing

Rafi Ajl
Doug Akagi

Professor Emeritus, Graphic Design
Department Advisor, Graphic Design

Ryan Alexiev

Lecturer, Design