Aaron Terry

Aaron Terry works in installation-based screen printing. His work pushes the limits of a traditional two-dimensional medium into a three-dimensional work by screenprinting on wooden wall reliefs.

Aaron's work is concerned with slowing down time if not just for a minute, then long enough to grasp a fleeting idea or to recall last night's dream sequence. Drawing upon the narrative thread of magical realism and the visual animation of the comic book, he creates graphical urban myths. These myths are born out of his dual existence within urban and rural spaces.

He finds inspiration in often-overlooked areas within our urban environment: flora and fauna spawning within a toxic superfund site, bird sanctuaries lining airport runways, the smell of a skunk downtown at midnight. Imagine rural tales and mythology flowing back up the trail of globalization, transforming into new urban myths, paralleling the collision of mankind and nature within the urban geography. It is here that the urban yeti is born, living amongst the occasional family of urban raccoons or possums, sharing living space beneath the city street, such as creeks which were long ago paved over to make way for housing.

His work has been shown in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. Terry currently lives in San Francisco.

Adjunct Professor, Printmaking
Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts


BA, Connecticut College; MFA, San Francisco Art Institute

Website: www.urbanyetti.com