Clayton Muhleman

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Clayton is a recent graduate of the CCA Master of Architecture program as well as a resident of the Pier 9 AiR program. His work engages with the use of computers and robotics in architecture and their impact on design processes and output. Clayton is also the operator of Muhlworks, a design, research and fabrication studio that engages with computational design, additive fabrication and design strategy.

At CCA, Clayton teaches classes associated with the Digital Craft Lab. He encourages his students to think critically about how computers and digital workflows impact design processes. Of particular interest is the capability for machines to think independently and make design decisions without feedback from the designer. Clayton's research in the past has explored, simulated and created small drone-like fabrication machines capable of designing and 3D printing structures larger than themselves. Additionally, his research also extends to material exploration, including the creation of a machine capable of 3D printing structural concrete.

Lecturer, Architecture

BS, Univerisity of California at Davis; M'Arch California College of the Arts