Reveling in the suburban panic punctuated by an hysterical self-help culture, compulsion toward decoration, and docudramatic tragedy, Josh Faught's current work uses elements of textiles, collage, sculpture, and painting to triangulate between a space that negotiates the history of textiles, a social/political history, and personal history.

These mythologized reconfigurations respond to ongoing interests surrounding possibilities in narrative between object, ornamentation, sexual difference, desire, and the site of domestic dysfunction. The objects in Faught's work are often twins, explicit or sometimes tacit doppelgangers shadowing each other.

Performing or sublimating a “fabulous” sense of isolation or disconnectedness, these objects borrow an expressive vernacular from the art fabric movement; a moment where threads were not to be walked upon or worn but could, by contrast, ventriloquize a sense of political urgency and delineate the presence of our bodies and our neurosis.

Faught has exhibited his work in numerous venues including Lisa Cooley Fine Arts, New York; The Seattle Art Museum, Seattle; The Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, Oregon; Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle; The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore; Lehmann College, New York; Front Room Gallery, Cleveland; Roots and Culture Contemporary Art, Chicago, and others.

His work has also appeared in publications such as the New York Times, Art In America, The Studio Reader, Crafts (UK), and the New Yorker.

Assistant Professor, Textiles
Assistant Professor, Fine Arts

BA, Oberlin College; AAS, Fashion Institute of Technology; MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago