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Joyce Rice is a cartoonist and interactive designer who specializes in comics in digital spaces. She was the cofounder and creative director of Symbolia, a media organization that published interactive comics journalism; in addition to publishing a bimonthly digital magazine from 2012 to 2015, Symbolia worked with a variety of media partners including American Public Media, Showtime, and Tumblr.

Her work has appeared in Columbia Journalism ReviewYes! Magazine, and L.A. News Group publications, and has been written about in FastCo., Poynter, and other outlets. She has spoken about the intersection of comics, journalism, and technology at Cusp Conference (Chicago, IL), VOCER Innovation Day (Hamburg, Germany), on The Verge’s Top Shelf (, and other venues. She is currently a Fellow with the Game Design department at American University working on the intersection between game design and journalism, and what that might mean for digital comics.

When she’s not busy wreaking havoc upon the status quo of journalism, Joyce experiments with interactive auto-bio, science-fiction, and collaborative comics. She posts process sketches and experiments on her blog and tweets as @teenyrobots.

Lecturer, Comics

BFA, Columbia College Chicago