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Long Jiao teaches Design Research Studio from September 2010. He is also a design research consultant with years of experience in designing automobiles, industry tools, and home-electronic appliances. He has managed to launch more than 20 new products in his past design practice with Volkswagen, GE/Fitch, GE Plastics, and Shanghai X-Plan, a domestic Chinese design-consulting firm.

As a design researcher, he has constantly focused on discovering how people behave, think, and dream in different life stages and cultural settings. He believes that design research will change how a company manages the innovation process to deliver useful and desirable products to end customers. Well-informed with the design process, he has a knack of visualizing consumers’ experiences and turning research findings into tangible solutions.

Born in China and trained as one of the first generation Chinese designers, he is also actively promoting design research through public speeches and workshop trainings to both academic and professional audience in China.

Long holds the following degrees: a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Architecture degree in Industrial Design from Tongji University, China; and a MFA degree specializing in Design Management and Planning from The Ohio State University. He now lives a happy life with his wife in the Bay Area. They are expecting a “tiger” baby boy in November 2010.

Associate Professor, Design

MFA, Ohio State University