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Laurie is a writer, editor, and lecturer. She began her professional career as a reporter, spending more than a decade with Dow Jones & Co. in New York City and Sydney, Australia, where she rose to be the Bureau Chief for Australia and New Zealand. After years of covering finance, economics, and politics, she shifted gears and began focusing on fiction. She was the founding editor of VerbSap (2004-2008), one of the first constantly updating online literary magazines. VerbSap authors received Pushcart Prizes, Nebula Awards, and storySouth Million Writers Awards. She has published numerous articles and short stories and is the author of the award-winning writing companion 22 Shelters: Lessons from Letters, a blend of microfiction and nonfiction inspired by the 22-character Phoenician alphabet. Laurie has a BA in History with honors from Yale and an MFA in Writing from CCA. An avid hiker, she lives in the San Carlos hills with her husband, son and tired dog. To read Laurie's 100 People/100 Places project visit Words Out Of Thin Air. Read about Laurie on Amazon, at Goodreads, or LinkedIn.


Adjunct Professor, Design

BA, Yale University; MFA, CCA