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Diane Benton teaches with a focus on diasporic cultures, ethnography, and written and visual rhetoric.  Receiving a CCA grant, she developed curriculum associated with the Museum of the African Diaspora in San Francisco.  She is a site coordinator for WriterCoach Connection working with volunteers, students, and teachers on class assignments.

She brings to CCA twenty-five plus years as an educator, teaching writing, research, American and African American literature, and coordinating educational programs. Diane Benton focuses on culture and identity, and the rhetorical strategies of language, literature, and visual works. She has a wide range of teaching experiences from middle school to universities.  Additionally, she has worked as a workplace instructional designer, consultant, researcher, editor, and program coordinator.

For ten years, she taught and led an on-site lecture tour of the Charles Wright Museum of African American History entitled the “Museum as Literature and Rhetoric” African American Literature classes.  For five years, she led her first-year composition classes in preparing, presenting, and conducting research in the annual Celebration of Student Writing at Eastern Michigan University. 

Her article, “Composing Self” was published as a chapter in the book, Fractured Feminisms: Rhetoric, Context, and Contestation.  She has presented at a number of conferences and events including the Toni Morrison Society Conference and The American Rhetorics Conference and in guest presentations at San Francisco State University and a number of Oakland schools.

She earned two master degrees, one in Educational Psychology and one in Written Communications.

Senior Lecturer, Writing and Literature

BA, MA, Eastern Michigan University

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