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Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Matteo Bittanti is an Adjunct Professor in the Visual Studies Program (Undergraduate) and Visual and Critical Studies (Graduate). He currently teaches "Eye Openers: introduction to Visual Studies," "GameScenes: Art & Videogames," "Perceptions" and "Advanced Visual Studies".

Bittanti's research focuses on the cultural, social, and theoretical aspects of emerging technologies, with an emphasis on their effects on communication, visual culture, and the arts. His main areas of investigation include the social uses of media, post-geographical spaces, and new media art. Bittanti's work is situated at the intersection of media studies, contemporary art, and visual studies.

Bittanti's artistic interventions lie at the intersection of game-based media, cinema, and online practices. His works have been presented in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, France, Scotland, and Italy. In 2011 Bittanti curated the exhibition ITALIANS DO IT BETTER!! with Domenico Quaranta in the Fringe section of the 54th Venice Biennial, where he presented his project, Game Arthritis, created in collaboration with art collective IOCOSE. The event was part of NEOLUDICA. ART IS A GAME 2011-1966, a biennial within a biennial.

Before joining CCA, Bittanti worked at Stanford University as a Social Science Associate Researcher and at UC Berkeley as a postdoctoral researcher. He is the author of various books and essays about art and videogames, including Machinima! (with Henry Lowood, 2013) GameScenes: Art in the Age of Videogames (with Domenico Quaranta, 2006). Bittanti regularly writes about new media, art, videogames, film, and popular culture. His articles have appeared on WIRED Italia, Rolling Stone Italia, and LINK magazine. He also curates a blog about Game Art, GameScenes.

Adjunct Professor, Visual Studies
Adjunct Professor, Visual and Critical Studies

BA, University of the Sacred Heart; MS, San Jose State University; PhD, IULM University, Milan