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Michael S. Schneider is a Senior Adjunct Professor teaching at CCA since 2001. He's the author of A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe (HarperCollins), six Constructing the Universe workbooks, an accompanying DVD, and numerous articles concerning the appearance of mathematics in nature and in worldwide arts, crafts, design and architecture.

His course "Mathematical Ideas for Artists" engages students in hands-on activities exploring the ways simple shapes and proportions pervade the natural universe and have been used worldwide by artists, artisans, designers, and architects over many centuries.

Schneider has given numerous lectures and workshops on the aforementioned subjects and has taught desktop publishing and other applications in New York at the New York Times, MTV, Revlon, and the United Nations.

In the mid-1980s Michael worked at the New York Academy of Sciences on public outreach for science and mathematics, including a project at the World Trade Center that placed weight sensors in the floors of an elevator to show riders how their combined weight changes as they start and finish the journey.

In 1993 Schneider designed the geometry that harmonizes the statues on the south side of the Portal of Paradise (central entrance) to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.

His interests include exploring the western United States and metal detecting.

Education: BS Mathematics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn; M.Ed. Mathematics Education, University of Florida

Adjunct Professor, Critical Studies


Website: www.constructingtheuniverse.com