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Michael Shiloh is Associate Professor at the California College of the Arts where he teaches electronics, programming, robotics, and mechatronics. Trained formally as an electrical engineer, Michael worked for various consumer and embedded engineering firms before discovering a passion for teaching. Michael also prefers applying his engineering skills to creative and artistic devices rather than consumer devices. Michael frequently lectures and speaks at conferences and universities worldwide. 

Michael has collaborated with Survival Research Labs since 1995, assisting in designing, building, and repairing very large art machines, and participating in over 15 shows worldwide.

Michael's own machine art is on a much smaller scale.

Michael is very involved in the Maker community both at CCA as well as the world at large. Michael has presented workshops at over a dozen Maker Faires worldwide. Michael is interested in the Maker culture, how it self-identifies, and how it includes and excludes others. Michael is particularly interested in figuring out how to overcome some people's self-identification as "unable to make".

Michael also works with Arduino, speaking about and teaching the open-source electronics prototyping platform to new audiences. In 2014 Michael co-authored the 3rd edition of "Getting Started with Arduino" with Massimo Banzi, one of the founders of Arduino.

Michael also teaches prototyping at the University of California at Berkeley's Jacobs Center for Design Innovation.

Michael has a BSc from the University of California at Berkeley

Associate Professor, Critical Studies
Associate Professor, Design


BS, University of California, Berkeley

Website: teachmetomake.com/wordpress