Mara Holt Skov is an art historian specializing in twentieth-century European and American art and design. Between her undergraduate and graduate programs she worked for several years in the fashion industry; traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East, and East Africa; and studied in Paris and Munich.

She is a coauthor of the book Blobjects & Beyond: the New Fluidity in Design (Chronicle Books, 2005) and has contributed essays to Selections: The San Jose Museum of Art Permanent Collection (San Jose Museum of Art, 2004) and Heath Ceramics: The Complexity of Simplicity (Chronicle Books, 2006). She cocurated and codesigned the exhibition Blobjects & Beyond (San Jose Museum of Art, 2005), coorganized Contemporary Devotion (San Jose Museum of Art, 2001), and curated drawings for Grand Lyricist: The Art of Elmer Bischoff (Oakland Museum, 2001). Prior to these projects she was the curator of the Craftsman's Guild and California Heritage Gallery in San Francisco, where she organized exhibitions of Japanese prints, works by Frank Lloyd Wright, and pieces by the Bay Area artists Erle Loran and Karl Kasten.

Adjunct Professor, Design
Adjunct Professor, Industrial Design
Advisor, Industrial Design

BA, University of Washington; MA, San Jose State University