Patrick Neary

Patrick received his BFA from the School of Art/Design at California Institute of the Arts. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allowed Patrick to focus on electronic music, analog video synthesis, and computer graphics. While at CalArts, Patrick was employed as the staff sculptor at AVG in Valencia, California, where he created robotic figures for the entertainment industry.

After graduating from CalArts, Patrick ran a computer-controlled animation stand for 35mm film. His duties included converting two-dimensional client artwork into three-dimensional digital “wireframes,” and then animating digital camera-moves around the dimensional logos. Frame-by-frame paper printouts were then painstakingly converted to animation-stand-ready artwork.

Animating wireframes and camera-moves gave Patrick the experience necessary to work on the first computer animated kids show for Saturday morning, season two of Fox Television’s Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Patrick was an Art Director and Technical Director on the computer animated short film, Gahan Wilson’s DINER. As the Lighting and Compositing Supervisor at Wildbrain Animation Studios in San Francisco, Patrick supervised five television commercials in the on-going Lunchables ad campaign, and provided pre-production look-development for the Nickolodeon animated series Bubble Guppies.

Patrick’s early production experience drew the attention of Industrial Light and Magic, where he received his first feature film credit on Jurassic Park. Subsequently, Patrick has earned credits on 28 feature films while working at companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and ImageMovers Digital. Some of his other credits include: Dragonheart; Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace; Minority Report; AI: Artificial Intelligence; ET: The Extraterrestrial; The Polar Express; Monster House; Meet the Robinsons; and Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

Patrick has lectured at San Jose State University as part of the National Science Foundation funded series Optics for Artists. He is a member of The Visual Effects Society (VES). As a member of the American Society of Primatologists (ASP), he has presented behavioral observation data at scientific primatology symposiums, most notably about spontaneous tool use and communicative symbolic gesturing in captive great apes.

Patrick lives in Marin County with his wife Julie, and is in the MA teaching program for Digital Media and Learning at the University of San Francisco.

Visiting Artist, Animation

BFA, California Institute of the Arts; MFA, University of San Francisco