Pam Stalker

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Pam Stalker received her undergraduate degree in Advertising Design at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit and a minor in photography (specializing in filmmaking and animation). She has an MFA in Film Graphics from CalArts, where she studied animation with former Disney animator Jules Engles.

Pam has worked in the animation industry for many years contributing to Warner Brothers comedy One Crazy Summer, Disney's Brandy and Mr. Whiskers cartoon series, Rocko's Modern Life, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, and Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery. Pam has worked on commercials for ILM, Disney, Klasky Csupo, Film Roman, Wildbrain, and Colosal Pictures. She is currently represented by Acme Filmworks in Los Angeles.

Pam entered the digital age in the mid-80s, when she started work on Airheart, an early game for the Apple II E computer. She also animated Living Book titles in the 90s including Arthur’s Reading Race and tellaluna. She was an animation director at Purple Moon, an early pioneer in bringing girls to the computer and the Web, and continued her children’s software expertise at The Learning Company, where she was the principal lead on such games as Oregon Trail 5, Reader Rabbit, Strawberry Shortcake, PowerPuff Girls, and Scooby-Doo titles. She also created Leapfrog books for Reader Rabbit and helped to bring Reader Rabbit to DVD.

As a freelance animator, illustrator, and designer Pam has worked for Bay Area companies in traditional media in the following mediums: paint on glass, silhouette-jointed figures, pastels, color pencils, and cutouts, as well as various digital programs.

Adjunct Professor, Animation

BFA, Center for Creative Studies; MFA, California Institute of the Arts