Rebecca Katkin

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Rebecca Katkin is an architect, interior designer, educator, LEED accredited professional, and principal of Katkin Architecture - a design practice grounded in the touch, sense, and human habitation of space, and in making - the craft of the hand and eye.

Ms. Katkin's research and publications address intersections between urbanity and traditionally rural communities and modes of production - from urban agriculture a a tool for social and environmental wellness to the impact of highway bypasses and sprawl development on small town main streets. Her teaching brings these ideas into the context of design at CCa in Engage/Ecotap courses, throughout the materiality and space sequence, and in introductory and advanced interdisciplinary studios.

In addition to these pursuits, Ms. Katkin has taught architecture and interior design at the Mississippi State University School of Architecture, the Art Institute of California at San Francisco, and, as a teaching fellow, at Yale University. She has also devoted her time, in volunteer positions ranging from construction worker to concert promoter, to organizations including the Harlem Restoration Project, Habitat for Humanity, the East Timor Action Network, Columbia University Women's History Month,  Tibet House, and the San Francisco County jail's yoga and meditation program.

Adjunct Professor, Interior Design
Adjunct Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

BA, Columbia University; MArch, Yale University