Robert Neher

Bob Neher brings a wealth of diversified executive management experience that includes corporate leadership, growth-oriented business development, and successful exit strategies. As an entrepreneur, he has founded several well-known consumer-product companies. His background experience includes start-ups, exit strategies, branding, national and international customer acquisition, partnerships and alliances, mergers/acquisitions, and initial public offerings.

As a founding partner, president, and CEO of St. Ives Laboratories, Neher led company growth from initial start-up to over $100 million in annual sales in just seven years, resulting in a successful IPO in 1987. The St. Ives Swiss Formula brand generated a four-percent share of the then $1.2 billion hair-care market, and a seven-percent share of the $700 million skincare market. Under his leadership at St. Ives, he also successfully licensed international distributors in Europe, Asia, and Australia. (St. Ives was subsequently acquired by Alberto-Culver in 1990.)

As a principal and CEO of Botalia Pharmaceuticals, Neher pioneered a brand of medicinal herbal products marketed to U.S. drug stores, based on standardized extracts exclusively imported from Europe. Within the organization he also wrote the first accredited curriculum training for over 2,500 licensed U.S. pharmacists on the safe and efficacious use of standardized herbal extracts. He successfully completed the company's exit strategy, becoming acquired by a large public company in 1995.

As president and CEO of Add-Vision Technologies, Neher conducted and implemented a strategic repositioning of the company and its products for future growth and competitiveness. By achieving defined targets and operational efficiencies in all departments, including manufacturing, finance, MIS, sales, and marketing, Neher was able to successfully complete a key strategic merger for that company in 1998.

Over his 30-year career, he also has worked as a consultant for other businesses and start-ups. Neher currently lives in Santa Clara with his wife, Tracy, and two Siamese cats. He has two grown daughters and one grandchild.

Senior Lecturer, Design MBA

BA, University of California, Berkeley