Rick Vertolli

With a fine arts degree in painting and sculpture and a Master of Science degree in computer graphics, Rick Vertolli's perspective bridges both the technical and aesthetic characteristics of animation.

Prior to CCA, Rick was the animation supervisor for the computer graphics and animation studio at CSU Chico. Vertolli and his talented staff have won numerous awards for computer animation and are among the chosen few who have been invited to present their work at SIGGRAPH. In addition, Rick has been a key player in the creation of the Applied Computer Graphics Major at Chico State. His curriculum development focuses on animation and animation production. With twenty-five years of teaching experience his students can be found working in the film and entertainment industry throughout California and beyond.

This summer Rick completed his 11th year as course coordinator with the CSU Summer Arts Program. Summer Arts brings talented students together from all aspects of the Arts for a two-week intense workshop. His courses, taught by animators and artists from Pixar, Disney, Mattel and LEGO, give students an opportunity to work intimately with professional artists.

August of this year, Professor Vertolli became Chair of the Animation Program at the California College of the Arts. As an educator, Vertolli brings a collaborative and creative sprit to the classroom. He is adamant that the curriculum reflect the skills learned in a production environment. He also believes strongly in real-world experience and sees a huge benefit to students who participate in internships.

What Rick loves most about the California College of the Arts is the energy - the vibe. CCA is a relatively small art college with big ambitions. From the encouraging administration, to the optimistic first-year students, to a lineup of incredible faculty, they all have one goal in mind: to be the best animation program in the world.

Cochair, Animation


BFA, Kent State University; MS, California State University, Chico