Steve Diller

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Steve Diller, CEO of Scansion, Inc., a customer-centered innovation strategy firm (, has more than 25 years of innovation and marketing consulting experience.

Steve coauthored Making Meaning: How Successful Businesses Deliver Meaningful Customer Experiences with experience designer Nathan Shedroff (chair of the MBA in Design Strategy Program) and former Cheskin CEO Darrel Rhea. (For more information about this book, please visit Steve and Nathan are coming out with a new book about innovating for the long term, tentatively entitled Blindspot, in spring 2016. 

Steve is an experience strategist who believes that the most effective way for companies to deepen relationships with their customers is to develop meaningful experiences, be they through branding or product usage. Such experiences constitute the cornerstone of effective brand and product innovation in an era of rapid technological change. Recent clients include: Intel, eBay, Chrysler, Carhartt, Cardtronics, Gannett, and Paypal.

Prior to founding Scansion, Steve was VP of Strategy at Added Value, and before that was a Partner at Cheskin, driving its Innovation practice. Previous to that, Steve was responsible for media research at Continental Bank. He also has been a professor at Columbia College, Chicago, where he taught advertising and marketing, psychology, social marketing, market research, media, and political propaganda courses. He also has owned a film production company and has produced and directed several features.


Associate Professor, Design MBA

BA, Carleton College; MA, University of Chicago; BA, Columbia College