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Scott Minneman is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Interaction Design and User Experience track within the Graduate Design MFA department at the California College of the Arts.  His primary teaching activities involve the Thesis R&D Studio, a Topic Studio on Public Interactives, various Mash-Up Studios between IxD/UX and GD/Branding, and occasional hands-on high-tech electives. Outside of CCA, Scott's an Affiliate Researcher at the forecasting non-profit Institute for the Future, Mechatronics Guru at Scientific Art Studio, and Director of Engineering at Blue Sky LightGrid, as well as having a lively interactive art studio practice in collaboration with JD Beltran. Blending art with technology, he creates innovative collaborative systems and new forms of immersive, interactive storytelling.

Scott's training, background, and track-record is that of an innovative technologist who invents, designs, engineers, fabricates, and exhibits novel physical interactive devices for public spaces.  He holds architecture and mechanical engineering degrees from MIT (MS and BS) and Stanford, where he did his PhD work at the Center for Design Research.  There, he used anthropological methods to discern how the moment-to-moment activity of multidisciplinary group design work is negotiated, and how the social activity of innovation is accomplished.

Scott was a member of the research staff at the think-tank Xerox PARC for 15 years, doing fundamental research on how multidisciplinary groups of engineers and designers collaborate on large engineering projects, and how to support these innovation activities with video and computing technologies.  He holds a dozen or so US patents on technologies for how designers can sketch together while located in different physical locations, means of automatically indexing and retrieving digital recordings of collaborative activity, and ways to use ubiquitous devices to trigger playback of video narratives.

Scott then co-founded Onomy Labs, Inc. – a make-tank for hands-on interactives. They have been commissioned to create interactive projects all over the world, including Mexico City (Papalote Children's Museum), Singapore Science Center, Centro Interactivo Mundo Futbol (Mexico Soccer Museum in Pachuca), Denver Science Museum, San Francisco (California Academy of Science & The Exploratorium), Nashville, Liberty Science Center, Irving (TX) Chamber of Commerce, and more. His public interactive art commissions include pieces in St. Petersburg (RU), Cleveland, Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Jose, and Goleta, among others.  The Cinema Snowglobe, his most recent invention (with partner JD Beltran), imbues the traditional tourist tchotchke with cutting edge video technology for a delightful handheld experience.

Associate Professor, Design

BA, BS, MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; PhD, Stanford University