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A Bay Area Native, Sean Levon Nash spent the majority of his childhood between East Oakland, Indiana, and Iowa. He is of Choctaw, Muskogee, Brulé, Commanche, German and Afro American descent. Living as a working artist in the Mission district for the last 17 years, he has shown his work on the street, in cafes, concerts and galleries, cultural centers and museums, and in both community and premier film festivals around the world.  This diversity of venues has enabled him to expose a wide audience to both the work, and the stories that work represents.  He learned to translate years of experience as a community artist into the area of independent filmmaking, and documentary animation.  Though his most recent works are centered around myth and legend, including Yakoke (a Choctaw creation story), and Achuckma Hoke (How things came to be) which is set in the late Pleistocene era both films are in his peoples’ native language Choctaw.  He is also writing a Integrative mythopoeia concerning European nursery rhymes and fairy tales, seeking to create a unified structure to accommodate many tales- a Native American Mother Goose.  Communication across and within cultures is the focus of Sean’s artistic  exploration. Through teaching in CORE and Diversity Studies at California College of Arts and Art History and Culture at Laney College, Berkeley City College, and Merrit College he is further able to reach out, inform and influence academic and student communities in the Bay Area.  He seeks to make and teach art that has social impact.  Art with an aesthetic style which is elegant, and inviting; to make these pictures tell stories of cultural relevance that can become part of the social fabric in a constructive way; to make art that works as hard as the people who view it. In 2012  Sean received the San Francisco Art Commission’s Cultural Equity Grant, in 2011 Yakoke premiered at the 29th Annual American Indian Film Festival and was nominated for best animation; in 2010 the Sundance Film Festival added his work, Los ABC’s to it’s "classic shorts" series.

Assistant Professor, Diversity Studies
Assistant Professor, First Year

BA, University of California, Davis; MFA, San Francisco Art Institute