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Gloria Frym

Professor, Writing and Literature
Professor, Writing
Interim Chair, Writing

Ben Fullerton

Senior Lecturer, Interaction Design

Justin Gabbard

Adjunct Professor, Illustration

Aaron Gach

Adjunct Professor, First Year
Adjunct Professor, Community Arts

Guillermo Galindo

Adjunct Professor, Diversity Studies
Adjunct Professor, Design

Nataly Gattegno

Associate Professor, Architecture
Chair, Architecture

Linda Geary

Associate Professor, Painting Drawing
Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Chair, Painting Drawing

Jordan Gehman

Senior Lecturer, Furniture

Nicole Georges

Lecturer, Comics

Renee Gertler

Lecturer, First Year

Susan Gevirtz

Senior Adjunct Professor, Visual and Critical Studies

Tom (gibby) Gibbons

Visiting Artist, Animation