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Kaz Nakanishi

Adjunct Professor, Graphic Design

Sean Nash

Assistant Professor, Diversity Studies
Assistant Professor, First Year
Assistant Professor, Critical Studies

Patrick Neary

Visiting Artist, Animation

Robert Neher

Senior Lecturer, Design MBA

Ruby Neri

Visiting Artist, Painting Drawing
Visiting Artist, Fine Arts

Daniel Nevers

Lecturer, Sculpture
Lecturer, First Year

Denise Newman

Senior Adjunct Professor, Writing
Senior Adjunct Professor, Writing and Literature

Irene Nexica

Adjunct Professor, Critical Studies

Francois Nguyen

Senior Lecturer, Design

Abner Nolan

Senior Adjunct Professor, Photography

Trena Noval

Adjunct Professor, Teaching Concentration
Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts

Nance O'Banion

Cochair, Printmaking
Professor, Printmaking
Professor, Fine Arts