Meet the Chair

Meet Amy Williams

I am most excited to chair CCA’s Fashion Design Program. Clothing as a practical art is created to be worn, seen, and touched by individual wearers and collectors. I have long believed the home of clothing design is with the individual–the designer and the wearer. Fashion designers seek to make aesthetic change with each new collection.

My design practice has focused heavily on knitwear; the joy of combining threads or yarns, mixing textures and colors, developing patterns to build new fabrics, shapes, and beautiful garments has kept me inspired for more than 20 years.

Since the dawn of time clothing has been created for warmth, protection, and beauty, made from fibers sourced from a vast variety of sustainable plants and animals (e.g., cotton, wool, and silk). How students blend and bend fabric and concept in our studio practices becomes a daily challenge quest.


Make Fashion Matter

Today’s fashion design practice challenges designers with a renewed energy and focus on sustainable practice that is combined with new technologies and manufacturing methods. I believe our program speaks to the future of fashion.

In San Francisco we are surrounded by the outdoor beauty. And we became green long before it was the hip way to be. We think and act on a daily basis with the environment at the forefront of our minds. Our program integrates sustainable-design development into the coursework so that it is inherent in the student training. Students learn sustainable design practices in order to encourage them to continue developing new ones as they embark on their careers.

Fashion Design alumni join the industry work force with future-thinking sensibilities. Students emerge properly armed to join companies that create new designs, technologies, and standards of practice that better our world.

The San Francisco Bay Area has a rich history when it comes to fashion; it has always looked at the traditional industry practices through a unique lens. Because San Francisco is smaller, it’s poised to stand for the new culture of sustainable manufacturing and clothing design.

We wish to embrace the outdoors by designing works for enjoying and sustaining the beauty that surrounds us. This raises the design and functional works to a level far beyond fashion form.

On Alumni Futures and Reality

As we execute our vision, the CCA Fashion Design Program trains student designers to become visionaries in a mature and entrenched industry. We introduce them to sustainable design practice and philanthropic product development. Our coursework includes interdisciplinary projects and product development. I am confident that our graduates are the ones to craft the proverbial bigger picture. They have the talent and skills to fashion change.

I strongly believe our program provides students with a rich education that promotes individual thought development while training them to acquire industry-essential skills. Our students have proven themselves in the workforce time and time again. They rise above their competition in capability, creativity and execution.

On Wishes

It is my wish the Fashion Design Program become even more reputable for its innovation in thought and clothing development that is stimulating, sustainable, and conceptual—yet always mindful of the purchaser and the wearer.

I care deeply that our students make their mark, transform the business, and sustain their work by how they make their work.

San Francisco is the city that can begin an industry's transformation . . . one CCA graduate at a time . . . just watch and see.